Thursday, July 22, 2010

If you could...

...ask any question of local climate movement leaders across the United States, what would it be?  As a climate leader, what perspectives and experiences can you share that should shape how the US climate movement moves forward... and what question would get at those insights?

Sunday, June 27, 2010

But... How?!

One of the most exciting parts of the Citizen Climate Summit will be distilling the experiences, knowledge, observations, and advice of thousands of people into clear, concise, actionable recommendations that achieve real progress.   AmericaSpeaks, an organization that works to engage citizens in the decision making processes that affect their lives, has incredible expertise in designing events meant to do just that.  This past weekend, they convened a nationwide townhall meeting of thousands of Americans on the future of the economy-- the recommendations will even go to Congress and President Obama!  We hope to look to their leadership in adapting this model for the Citizen Climate Summit.  You can check out the model and the outcomes of the "Our Budget, Our Economy" meeting here:    How can we use similar tools in designing a summit of local climate movement leaders?  What else?  Thank you for your comments!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Where would you hold the citizen climate summit?

 If you were picking six cities spread across the continental US to host the citizen climate summit (with additional online or in-person gatherings elsewhere in the continental US and in Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico...), which location or locations would you be sure to include, and why?

View citizen climate summit possible locations in a larger map

Here are some criteria to consider:
Is the location-
  • centrally located in the middle of the region?
  • a transportation hub?
  • a significant media market?
  • someplace with affordable lodging/community members willing to host participants in their homes and/or other appropriate facility (university dorm)? Is it  home to an appropriate and affordable venue for the summit?
  • likely to benefit from summit revenue?
  • able to help plan and host the summit?
  • likely to take increased climate action as a result of hosting the summit?
An example of one possible regional breakdown:
-Northeast and mid-Atlantic, Southeast and South, Southwest, Midwest, Upper Midwest, Northwest

Looking forward to your comments!

Here we go!

At the citizen climate summit,  thousands of movement leaders from congressional districts and tribal communities across the United States will unite in regional gatherings and share their collective vision and recommendations for building power to win with local media and with allies in government, climate organizations, and beyond.  Over the next three months, this blog will give you an opportunity to shape the citizen climate summit planning process as we go from dream to action plan.  Keep checking the blog to offer input on critical questions (next up- Where would you hold the citizen climate summit?) and to get the materials you need to plug in and share this story.

For now, you can read the long version of the citizen climate summit dream here:

And you can sign up to get involved behind the scenes here: